Yachts we list and yachts we sell

Grabau International welcomes high quality blue water and performance cruising yachts. Below is a selection of the types of yachts we list & yachts we sell. If you own a yacht from any of these manufacturers, or indeed any other manufacturer and would like to discuss selling, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or email us directly.

Alternatively, if you are interested in buying a yacht from any of these manufacturers and cannot find what you need on the yachts for sale pages of our website, please do contact us via the form below or by email us directly and we will gladly search for a suitable yacht on your behalf via our extensive network of cooperating independent brokerage houses.

Advanced Yachts
Alden Yachts
Allures Yachts
Alubat Yachts
Aluboot Yachts
Amel Yachts
Arcona Yachts
Archambault Yachts
Azuree Yachts
Baltic Yachts
Bavaria Yachts
Belliure Yachts
Beneteau Yachts
Bestevaer Yachts
Bowman Yachts
Bristol Yachts
Broadblue Catamarans
Catana Catamarans
CNB Yachts
Comar Yachts
Comet Yachts
Comfortina Yachts
Concord Yachts
Contest Yachts
Deerfoot Yachts
Dehler Yachts
Delphia Yachts
De Vries Lentsch Yachts
Discovery Yachts
Dixon Yachts
Dubel & Jesse Yachts
Dubois Yachts
Dufour Yachts
Dynamique Yachts
Elan Yachts
Elliot Yachts
Etap Yachts
Euphoria Yachts
Fantasi Yachts
Farr Yachts
Feeling Yachts
Finngulf Yachts
Fisher Yachts
Fountaine Pajot Catamarans
Franchini Yachts
Garcia Yachts
German Frers Yachts
GibSea Yachts
Grand Soleil Yachts
GT Yachts
Hallberg Rassy
Hanse Yachts
Harmony Yachts
Hinckley Yachts
Hoek Yachts
Hunter Legend Yachts
Humphreys Yachts
Hutting Yachts
Hylas Yachts
Ice Yachts
Italia Yachts
Island Packet Yachts
Jeanneau Yachts
Jongert Yachts
Judel Vrolijk Yachts
Kanter Yachts
Koopmans Yachts
KM Yachts
Lagoon Catamarans
Little Harbor
Malo Yachts
Marten Yachts
Maxi Yachts
Maxi Dolphin Yachts
Mills Yachts
Moody Yachts
Morris Yachts
Mylius Yachts
Mystic Yachts
Najad Yachts
Nauticat Yachts
Nautor Swan
Nicholson Yachts
Nordia Yachts
Nordship Yachts
Northwind Yachts
Ocean Star Yachts
Ovni Yachts
Oyster Yachts
P & Q
Pacific Seacraft Yachts
Pogo Yachts
Poncin Yachts
Priviledge Catamarans
Regina af Vindo Yachts
Rival Yachts
Rogers Yachts
Ron Holland Yachts
Royal Huisman Yachts
RM Yachts
Rustler Yachts
Sabre Yachts
Sadler Starlight Yachts
Salona Yachts
Sangermani Yachts
Saturn Yachts
Shipman Yachts
Sirius Yachts
Sly Yachts
Sparkman & Stephens
Spirit Yachts
Solaris Yachts
Southerly Yachts
Standfast Yachts
Sundeer Yachts
Sweden Yachts
Sunbeam Yachts
T & U
Taswell Yachts
Tartan Yachts
Tayana Yachts
Trehard Yachts
Trintella Yachts
Vancouver Yachts
Vallicelli Yachts
Van de Stadt Yachts
Victoire Yachts
Vismara Yachts
Warwick Yachts
Wauquiez Yachts
Westerly Yachts
Winner Yachts
X, Y & Z

(Note – This list is by no means an exhaustive list of yacht manufacturers that we would like to sell and list).

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