Luca Brenta Yachts – Philosophy

Being amongst the major players both in term of design and boat construction …

of the last 20 years of high tech design and built boats process, this team of high professional individuals has decided to team up to propose a new breed of stylish, high performances, easy to use, semi-custom built boats blending past experiences of typical large custom projects solutions into something new. This team strongly believes in spectacular products, which necessarily needs to be supported by high technical standards both in terms of pure naval architectural thus performances and construction solutions. This is the mission. High weight stability, very generous sail plan, great cockpit comfort and pure sailing pleasure mixed with style. The simple pleasure to spend your time sailing differently.

The Luca Brenta Yachts Story

B-yachts sailing boats penned by Studio Associato Luca Brenta & C., were originally launched in 2004. Destined to be owned by those who are passionate about being on the water, they epitomise the very essence of sailing made easy. “B-yachts boats are intimate and comfortable and handle easily because they have the technology of a maxi yacht,” explained Luca Brenta when the boats were first introduced to the market.

Luca Brenta Yachts Design

Providing both speed and elegance in one single yacht, B-yachts sailing boats are as stylish as ever. Positioned on the international yachting stage by way of newly formed company Luca Brenta Yachts, which is headquartered in Milan, the vessels’ renowned sleek aesthetics are underpinned by a raft of new technology.

Built on a foundation of skill, passion and deep-rooted family commitment, the eponymous company comprises entrepreneurs and yachting professionals guided under the stewardship of renowned designer Luca Brenta. Sharing more than a passion for sailing with the company founder, together they bring a variety of experience and expertise from within the yachting industry.


Technology & Innovation

All boats, starting from the day-sailer B30 to the larger B38 and B42, have a rapid top speed, and the latter two also come provided with a cabin. Featuring a hull and deck made from composite carbon fibre over Corecell foam, they provide weight stability, more than 60% ballast/displacement ratio, lead bulb, controls at the steering system, an appealing design, and a stunning teak deck.



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