"Every element of a Shogun is focused on speed and comfort optimised for doublehanded sailing. If the thrill of going faster is your comfort zone, but you don’t want to sacrifice being able to have a nice dinner onboard, this is your yacht.

Using innovative, lightweight materials and ground-breaking technology, combined with Swedish boat building craftsmanship Shogun Yachts is at the forefront of modern yacht building. Our quest for perfection makes us pay attention to every detail in the development process of our yachts. We hope that you appreciate the little things as much as we do.

A Shogun yacht hits the sweet spot between the adrenaline rush of velocity in motion and the serenity of being at sea, with all the comforts of a modern luxury cruiser captured in a high-performance yacht. Shogun Yachts are not on the water to fit in… we are here to take the spotlight."

The Shogun Yachts Story

Founded in 2019, Shogun Yachts is a Stockholm-based innovative Swedish yacht builder.  

Setting out to push the envelope from the get-go, our yachts are developed with a focus on the combination of performance and ease of use. By building our yachts in carbon fibre and utilising progressive production methods that keeps the weight down, we are able to create luxury yachts that suit sailors who love speed, but value comfort and enjoy cruising.

The Shogun signature: "all our yachts are designed for fast doublehanded sailing. They are the result of a strong design philosophy, bold choices and some of Sweden’s most skilled craftsmen coming together. We aim to go beyond conventional design to push performance cruising to the next level.

We do not compromise on quality or performance, but we do acknowledge that our customers have different demands. Our yachts are highly customisable and can be tailored to the owner’s aesthetic preferences and style of sailing."

Shogun Yachts Design

Design, yacht design in particular, is multi-dimensional: with many distinct aspects that need to be considered and that must work together. Out of tradition, they tend to be kept separate and are developed in isolation from each other: one person designs the hull, another the deck, a third the interior and then you approach a boat builder. At the very end you consult a sailmaker.

When we design the Shogun yachts, we aim to take a 360° approach – considering how all aspects will work together, visualizing the functionality of the end product from the get-go. The design team works closely with the production team in the development process, to ensure that everything work together.

Our yachts are designed in a collaboration between Oscar and Håkan Södergren.


Håkan founded his company Södergren Yachts in 1972. Since then, he has become a well-known name in the Swedish yacht industry with many successful yacht designs in his portfolio. Today, thousands of successful production-line boats and multiple of one-off racers and cruisers designed by Håkan are sailing the seven seas.

Håkan’s designs are successfully known for their effortless combination of style, beauty, and performance.


Most kids use their computers to play games, to do homework or watch YouTube. Oscar’s first computer had professional design programs, so rather than play videogames he started to draw digitally. That sparked an interest that took Oscar to the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and resulted in a degree in industrial design.

Oscar’s previous projects include, amongst other things, the sailing yacht Linjett 39, the Agapi 800 powerboat and the concept Agapi E-power. He has also designed the Rowmore 5.5 – a performance oriented rowing boat. Oscar’s design philosophy is inspired by the car industry and goes in line with modern product design. By applying this to yacht design, he takes it to the next level.

Shogun Yachts Production

Our yachts are a Swedish production through and through: we utilise advance production methods and materials. We strive for perfection in everything that we do.

It is important for us to be able to oversee every step of the build process and have a good dialogue with our partners. We only work with trusted partners that are close to us. Therefore, the yacht design, plugs, moulds, laminates, and assembly are all by Swedish companies.


The production of the Shogun Yachts is managed by the Linjett Boatyard. With three generations of accomplished boat builders inhouse, with hundreds of years of combined experience and a heritage dating back to 1886 – they are the perfect partner in this venture.

The yard located just an hour and a half from Stockholm, outside Norrtälje, has state of the art facilities and equipment, and above all, a wealth of knowledge in building sailing yachts. Their knowledge and passion combined with the vision of the design team, and the use of the best available materials has resulted in a ground breaking sailing yacht.

“By bringing our experience of what works on a yacht and how to create long-lasting quality, together with experienced carpenters, impeccable project management and a sharp design that uses advanced materials – it is no wonder that the Shogun Yacht is truly unique.”

Daniel Gustafsson, Project Manager, Linjett Yachts


Marstrom Composites has helped develop the keel and rudder of both the Shogun 50 & Shogun 43 and are involved in the manufacturing of selected carbon interior details. The rig of the Shogun 50 is also developed and made by Marstrom.

Based in Västervik, Sweden Marstrom can design, develop, and manufacture virtually any composite detail in their autoclave: from tables used for medical proton treatments to high end loudspeaker cabinets and high-performance carbon rigs.


The North Sails loft in Stockholm have been heavily involved in the Shogun design process not only in the sail development – but also in the design of the deck layout and as a sounding board throughout the entire build process.

The North Sails his philosophy is simple – get the best people and commit yourself to making the best product, the same philosophy we adopted in creating Shogun Yachts.

Shogun Yachts Range

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