Yacht Insurance

The purchase and subsequent ownership of a yacht involves not only a great deal of financial commitment, but also great deal of responsibility. Marine insurance exists not just to cover the value of the yacht, but also to cover potential harm caused to others along with both yourself and your crew.

It is important that insurance is considered at an early stage of the purchase process as in many instances it is not possible to transfer ownership until a boat yard or marina can be advised that the yacht will remain suitably insured.

Below are two of the UK’s leading yacht insurance providers.


Y Yacht Insurance is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and Y Yacht Assurances France EURL is authorised and regulated by the French Regulator ORIAS.  Both companies under common ownership will be able to offer yacht and motorboat insurance to UK and EU clients irrespective of the result of Brexit.

The reputation of both companies is built on exceptional service and the ability to cover boats in most parts of the world, including the Caribbean and Pacific.





Topsail Insurance has provided specialist Yacht and Motorboat Insurance on a worldwide basis for over 23 years. We specialise in long distance and blue water cruising for crafts based and cruising in the UK, Northern Europe, The Mediterranean, Caribbean and in the Pacific. We also offer specialist Travel Insurance designed and tailored to cruisers who wish to spend long durations away from their country of residence.

We have offices based in the UK and Australia, and both teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience, we understand the needs of the mariner and the importance of flexible products so we have created specialist marine insurance and travel insurance products designed to meet the requirements of the boating community.

At Topsail Insurance we have access to many Marine Insurers both in and out of Lloyd’s and can tailor a policy to suit your individual needs and requirements.




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