Hylas Yachts is a brand synonymous with quality, support and service. The Hylas Yachts team are dedicated to bringing distinctive cruising yachts to a global audience. The Hylas Yachts brand is the cornerstone of Queen Long Marine; one of the longest established and best-known yacht builders in Asia. With representatives in Europe and America, working closely with their clients and with design input from some of the world's greatest yacht designers, over 500 Hylas yachts are now afloat in all hemispheres.

Whether you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, or if you require some help and assistance, you can rely upon the service and support that comes with being a Hylas Yacht owner. The service does not stop when your Hylas Yacht is delivered. The Hylas Yachts mission is to provide a complete ownership experience from order, design, build, support and resale.

With lines from some of the best yacht designers in the world, and equipped and fitted out to each individual’s specifications, a Hylas Yacht allows her owner to imagine and then live their own cruising lifestyle without compromise.


Queen Long Marine designs, develops and constructs each and every Hylas Yachts with the level of care and attention that comes from their position and experience as the premier yacht builder in Asia.

The Queen Long Marine shipyard was founded in 1978 by the Huang family and remains in full family operation and ownership to this day via company President Joseph Huang, Vice-President Jane Huang and Commercial Director Andy Huang. Based in Kaohsiung, the yacht-building capital of Taiwan, the 117,300 sq ft shipyard is home to a 32,000 sq ft main construction hall, dedicated 18,000 sq ft laminating hall, a large paint facility, extensive design and administration offices and their famous on-site 3m-deep full-sized yacht testing tank complete with a thriving population of ornamental Koi Carp. A team of around 100 highly skilled shipwrights, laminators, engineers, electricians and painters are employed directly by the shipyard to build the Hylas Yachts range of sailing and motor yachts.

The Hylas Yachts brand established by Queen Long Marine in 1985 has rapidly become associated with the production of the highest quality blue water performance sailing yachts and motor yachts from some of the most iconic naval architects including German Frers, Sparkman & Stephens, Dixon Design, Dean Salthouse and top interior design firms like HotLab of Italy.


Yacht-building at Queen Long Marine has been a family business for over almost 40 years, with each generation building on the success of the previous, to create some of the world’s finest cruising yachts.

The Hylas Yachts journey began with the German Frers designed Hylas Yachts 42, and 44 and Sparkman & Stephens designed Hylas Yachts 47. These iconic designs laid down the clear foundations of the brand which would develop and refine over time to create the range of yachts widely regarded as being amongst the best in the world.


Each new Hylas Yacht is custom-finished to her owner’s precise specifications and requirements.

The world of yacht design and manufacturer is one of continuing and rapid development. Queen Long Marine remain focussed on uniting the wants and needs of their clients with advances in technology and design. The modern Hylas shares much of her DNA with her early ancestors, including her striking shear, but in every aspect of the design, modernity in embraced to create a yacht easy to handle, simple to maintain, effortless to live with and above all, a yacht to fulfil her owner’s yachting dreams.


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