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Bellissima Line

Italia 9.98 / 37 | Italia 10.98 / 37 | Italia 11.98 / 39 | Italia 12.98 / 43 | Italia 13.98 / 47 | Italia 14.98 / 50 | Italia 15.98 / 54

Italia Yachts Bellissima Line range

Fuoriserie Line

Italia 9.98 / 34 | Italia 11.98 / 39 | Italia 14.98 / 50

Italia Yachts Fuoriserie Line range

Italia Yachts Philosophy: Design to Sail

Our philosophy is defined by CEO Franco Corazza: “We design stylish yachts to sail fast, safely and comfortably in all weather”. Italia Yachts are designed for long-distance sailing in a modern style inspired by the elegant lines of yesterday’s Classic Yachts.

Every design project starts with the creation of a perfectly balanced hull and sail plan; sailing an Italia Yacht everyone onboard feels secure and protected in all weather conditions. This design concept has made us a benchmark in the sailing world: in an Italia Yacht, you will rediscover the true pleasure of sailing.

The design and build of every model involves the skills of the whole team – each one an experienced sailor. Every team member contributes to the design bringing their own experience and skill to bear. This brings product development to an unmatched level of completeness resulting in an unrivalled harmony of hull design and sail plan.

The stern section is drawn to limit the wetted area, this makes for an easy motion forward of the mast counteracting the usual tendency of the bow to dig deep into waves. Thus, creating a smooth and comfortable ride. The adoption of particularly well-balanced sail plan and high-efficiency keel and rudder together with a lead torpedo bulb completes the clever design.

Italia Yachts Design

The input from in-depth sailing experience of the entire design team results not just in attractive lines, the layout of the boat also has a functional design giving a safe and easy sailing performance.

The well thought out design encompasses comfortable and stunningly attractive living spaces at the deck level. Maximum possible loads on sheets and halyards are calculated to select the right winch which is then positioned for easy use by the smallest crew. Running rigging is led below the coach roof to the winches leaving totally clear safe surfaces on deck. Generous stowage spaces are provided in deck lockers and safety equipment is positioned for immediate access.

Characterized by big, bright well-ventilated spaces Italia Yachts quality is seen clearly in their refined Interiors. Rounded corners, a complete lack of sharp edges and high-quality materials have become a distinctive mark of the brand.

Respectful of the boat builder’s art user-friendly spaces and well-designed handholds are designed to ensure comfort at port and at sea. Internal doors have curved profiles eliminating hard edges. Every cabin has multiple hatches ensuring good ventilation. In recognition of the importance of storage space for long distance cruises stowage spaces below are plentiful and easily accessible.

Furniture is made of high-quality wood, cut with the grain for outstanding beauty. Soft covers can be chosen from a wide range of highest quality fabrics or leather thereby totally personalising your craftsman built interior.
Italia Yachts Quality

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