2007 Uniesse 75 HT – NOW SOLD


Grabau International is delighted to announce the sale of the 2007 Uniesse 75 HT ‘BEBIVI’.

There are exclusive yachts, and then there are unique, inimitable models, such as the 75 OPEN HT. This hard top represents the most highly evolved synthesis yet of two different elements: tradition, embodied by its lines, which hark back to the early days of yachting; and innovation, embodied by its ‘liveability’ and state-of-the-art technology, both of which place it at the forefront of the modern sailing experience. This flagship has an extraordinary character all of its own, making it perfect for those who feel that the sea is a part of them, together with a design that stands as the most sophisticated expression yet of an authentic passion for the waves.

There is a simplicity about perfection. A warmth in the metallic reflection of the steel, an icy brightness in the smooth caresses of the leather. There are no contradictions, just an optimum balance between the spirit of adventure and the desire for comfort, between the instinct for travel and the atavistic link with the place where you live. The 75 OPEN HT offers you all of this, and more.

We wish her new owners fair winds and following seas.

2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 004 2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 006 2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 007 2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 012 2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 016 2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 027 2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 029 2007 Uniesse 75 HT 'BEBIVI'' for sale 003

For those that missed out, Grabau International have a number of alternative options to consider including:-

CCN Ceri 86 Flyingsport ‘NEW BUILD’ – full details here

Mangusta 80 ‘THE MEPHISTO’ – full details here

Itama 75 – full details here

San Lorenzo SL 82 – full details here

Guy Couach 2100 ‘BRIO BLU’ – full details here

Do you have a yacht like this to sell? Grabau International are always looking for new high quality cruising yacht listings both in the UK and internationally. For further information about our tailored brokerage services, please look here or feel free to contact us.

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