Leading the Way in 2024 – The Grabau International Marketing Update


Since founding our company in January 2015, we have stayed true to our company name, providing a fully international service to our clients. Over the past nine years, the Grabau International team spread across offices in the South of the UK, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Italy and Madeira, have worked together not only to successfully broker the sale of yachts located within their respective territories but also to find new owners for boats located as far afield as New Zealand, Japan, the United States, South America and even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The yachting market is now truly international, with boats and buyers coming from all corners of the globe. Like similar markets, this has been made possible by digital platforms that allow immediate access to anything, anywhere, and at any time. In the yachting world, the largest and most established of these platforms is Yachtworld. Along with the sister sites within the Boats Group family, Yachtworld enjoys a dominant market position and has long since become the ‘default’ place for buyers to start their search for their next yacht.

Grabau International has partnered with the Yachtworld platform and its primary international subsidiary portals since its inception. However, the beginning of 2024 brought a redesign to their platform of services, which has led to a significant increase in the cost of marketing. At the time of writing, these changes are causing enormous ramifications throughout the global brokerage industry, with many brokerage houses unable to meet the costs associated with this elevated global marketing level. The result is a two-tiered industry environment: those who can afford to market their client’s yachts on the primary global digital platforms and those who cannot.

Grabau International is delighted to announce that we will remain in the camp of those who can and will. There are, of course, a multitude of smaller digital platforms for international buyers to choose from. Along with our continued support of the Yachtworld worldwide functionality and their Boats.com sister platform, you will find all of our listings on TheYachtMarket, Boat24, Scanboat, our performance sailing yacht listings on the SeahorseMagazine brokerage platform, and, of course, our Grabau International website brokerage pages. As we move through 2024, we plan to add further to this comprehensive portfolio.

Outside of the digital platforms, since the beginning of the year, our newly updated YouTube channel has seen daily uploads of fresh content, with more than 37,000 views and over 1,000 hours of videos watched during February alone. We aim to continue this gruelling upload rate until every one of our current listings has a dedicated video on the platform, along with a comprehensive back catalogue of interesting listings successfully sold by the Grabau International team. It would really help us if you subscribe to our channel so we can keep you updated with the latest listing videos as they go live. Click the like button if you like what you see.

Away from the digital world, we are proud to remain one of the few international brokerage houses to continue with the equally important (yet very expensive) print advertising medium. You will always be close to finding our latest listings through our monthly spreads in the internationally circulated Yachting World and Seahorse magazines, periodical insertions in Motor Boat & Yachting and Boat International publications, and regular contributions to editorial articles.

All these developments have resulted in a significant uplift in our business costs, and we will gladly meet these increases through our continued commitment to reinvestment in profits. Our mission remains clear: to continue growing Grabau International and provide the best professional and personal ABYA-qualified service to our owners and buyers worldwide, whatever the cost.

Alex Grabau – Founder and Managing Director

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