New Listing – 1918 40m Dutch Steel-hulled Brigantine


Grabau International is delighted to announce the new listing of the 1918 40m Dutch Steel-hulled Brigantine ‘SIRIUS’.

Unique opportunity to acquire a recently restored and refitted historic Brigantine presented at a level where her new owner can decide upon the interior layout solutions.


Constructed in 1918 by J. C. Pronk de Scheper in the Netherlands and launched as ‘DINA CORNELIA’, SIRIUS was originally purposed for transport of goods and people. Following a 1934 refit, she saw duties as a fishing vessel and remains used as such until 1969 when she was converted for recreational craft usage. With numerous further refits in the 1970’s and 1980’s, her rigs were upgraded to improve her sailing performance and she saw charter usage in S.African, Caribbean and Mediterranean waters through the 1980’s and into the 1990’s.

In 1997, a new refit project began, stripping the vessel entirely and fully restoring her structures under Lloyd’s Classification Rules. This refit project continued through the late 1990’s and into the 2000’s, culminating in her position today as a vessel ready to be adapted for either private of commerical usage.


• New paint 2021
• New antifouling 2021

• New 4 x Fuel tanks 2005
• New 2 x Water tanks 2005
• New engine alternator 2005
• New engine 2005
• New generator
• New rig 2005
• New anchor windlass 2005
• New captive winch 2005
• New steering system 2005
• New bow thruster 2005
• New electric charge system 2005

• New paint
• Installation of isolation panels, doors, portlights and engine room hatch

• New masts and rigging
• New main engine
• New generator
• New charging system
• New electrical installations
• New steering system
• New hydraulic bowthruster
• New hydraulic anchor windlass
• New captive winch

• All the exterior lining was dismounted, deck and hull, to check the status of the frames and floors, replacing as required.
• All the structural bulkheads, approx. the 95%, were also changed.
• Once the structure was completely refitted, the hull and deck refitting began.
• The process started by sandblasting all the surfaces and, after that, all the area was protected with epoxy primers.


The history of SIRIUS dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, more specifically in 1918, in the J. C. Pronk shipyard in Schepen, in the city of Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. The first owner of this boat was Albert Pronk, named the yacht Dina Cornelia on January 10, 1919, registration SCH 23, and it was built with the idea of using it as a cabotage boat, to transport both people and merchandise in general. After 6 years, on January 17, 1925, it changed ownership, the latter being the same shipping company who built it, J. C. Pronk, and named it Albert. During July of the same year, the engine was replaced. On January 3, 1927, in a Katwijk shipyard, it changed its name and registration, becoming Henk and KW 56 as well as the owner. At this time, the Albert becomes the property of the N.V. v / h C. Ouwehand, dedicated to the transport of goods.

In September 1934, the same shipping company contracted a Scheveningen shipyard to remodel it. As can be seen in the following photos, the cockpit of the dashboard was enlarged, a protection with an integrated boom was installed inside the boat. Likewise, the license plate was changed, becoming SCH 123. With the intention of making a refit to change the Henk’s activity to professional fishing, in 1942, the engine was changed again, and an industrial engine was installed. 260 hp four-cylinder, serial number 3214.

Likewise, in October 1945, once the refit was made to adapt the boat to professional fishing activity, she was launched in the town of Ijmuiden. For the next ten years, the Henk was dedicated to professional fishing and changed owners. In 1953, she became the property of a Belgian fishing company, N.V. Vishandel Rederij, by Mr. Frank Vrolijk. In 1957, the H. J. Messemaker company became its owner, and its registration was changed, this being KW 66. During January 1964 it changed ownership, J. Lourens, name, Potvis, and registration IJM33. The latter, finally in 1969, was the one who carried out the modifications, in the Ijmuiden shipyard, so that finally they will dismantle the art and fishing utensils, leaving the boat for private recreational use.
Between 1969 and 1982, the boat underwent great changes. She went from being a motor coasting vessel
to be a proper sailing vessel. As can be seen in the following photo, taken in the 1983, the cabin was modified, making it bigger and lengthening it towards the bow; two new masts were installed to support the sails as well as a bow boom. The sail system was configured with main mast with auric type gaff sail, without gaff topsail, mizzen with marconi sail and three jibs in the bow.

The boat, prepared for transoceanic navigation, became the Cockatoo Cruising NV company, specialized in charters, which took him to sail through South African, Caribbean and Mediterranean waters to 1992

Starting in 1992, the Sirius underwent a restoration process that brought it to its current state.

1918 40m Brigantine – SIRIUS – Asking Euro1,450,000 EU VAT paid – full details here

Do you have a yacht like this to sell? Grabau International are always looking for new high quality cruising yacht listings both in the UK and internationally. For further information about our tailored brokerage services, please look here or feel free to contact us

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