New Listing – 2023 Shogun Yachts 43


EYOTY-2024 nominated carbon fibre speed machine. With over 7,000hrs invested in her construction at one of Sweden’s most legendary yards, GODSPEED is the ultimate expression of a money-no-object approach on how to cruise faster than almost anything else with one hull, yet without compromising on comfort.


GODSPEED is a factory-owned and maintained demonstrator example of the Oscar & Håkan Södergren designed Shogun 43 performance cruiser, constructed in collaboration with Linjett Yachts in Sweden.

Developed as the second model in a lineup headed by the acclaimed Shogun 50 ‘LADYKILLER’, GODSPEED took an incredible 7,000hrs to build, with construction taking place at Linjett Yachts, the oldest and arguably most respected and conservative yacht manufacturer in Sweden.

As with the Shogun 50, the objective with the Shogun 43 is to create the ultimate all carbon speed monster with a focus on fast cruising rather than results around the cans (although it will also be formidable in this arena!) Up until now, those who like to cruise (really) fast have had to opt for racing yachts along with all the compromises on comfort and practicality that come with them… the Shogun 43 changes this, something that has already been picked up by the international yachting press with nominations for the prestigious 2024 European Yacht of the Year awards and the 2023 British Yachting Awards.

Used solely for demonstration purposes, magazine reviews and display at the 2023 Barcelona Boatshow, GODSPEED is now offered for immediate delivery to make way for the next hull which will soon be ready for launch.

Her specification highlights include:-
• Carbon fibre and epoxy sandwich construction
• Metallic grey topsides
• Synthetic decking
• Axe bow profile with integral spray sails
• Carbin fibre keel blade with lead t-bulb
• Selden carbon fibre mast and Park-Avenue boom
• Carbon fibre standing rigging
• Hydraulic mast-jack
• Full North racing sail wardrobe with 3Di square-top mainsail, jib, staysails, spinnakers, asymmetrics and code sails.
• Antal electric mainsail traveller
• Load-cell displays for backstays and jib
• Antal winches in cockpit plus additional Selden electric halyard/control line winches at companionway
• Ubi Maior subdeck furler
• Jefa steering with twin carbon wheels
• Victron Energy electrics with Lithium-ion batteries, charger and inverter
• B&G instruments with plotters, autopilot, H5000 system and AIS transceiver
• Eberspacher heating
• Full galley equipment
• Electric heads


Want a yacht that effortlessly combines innovative design and ground-breaking technology, to make doublehanded sailing easy and fun – even at top speed?

Enter the Shogun 43.

Developed with a focus on performance and ease of use, this yacht goes beyond conventional and traditional design, taking performance cruising to the next level. It is the yacht for you who love speed and want to sail fast without a full crew. It is for you who want to have fun on the water and maximise your sailing experience every time you go out, but still want comfort onboard. Shogun 43 gives you both.
The interior of the Shogun 43 is developed to look and feel harmonious both from a sensory and auditory perspective. We wanted to create a quiet and cosy space with an interior that feels solid, and still is lightweight.

Thanks to a sleek design that can be customised specifically to you and your style of sailing, the Shogun 43 is a high performer – whether its weekend hops, long distance cruising or offshore racing. Change your setup depending on the number of crew, weather conditions, type of sailing, preferred power, and overall experience.

Tearing up the Rulebook

The Shogun 43 is designed to be fun and an absolute thrill to sail, which is why we have torn up the rulebook and discarded the notion of what a sail plan should look like. Instead, we have placed the mast further aft, behind the dining table, to get a bigger fore triangle base for headsails. This allows the Shogun 43 to have a 100% self-tacking jib which is a break from conventional Scandinavian yacht design.

The large foretriangle base also gives the yacht multiple options for headsails. This gives Shogun 43 a flexible sail plan, which is easy to manage. Options for headsails allows you to easily choose how much horsepower you want in any given occasion. Change your setup depending on the type of sailing, weather conditions, preferred power, number of crew and overall experience. So even if the Shogun 43 is a high performer, you as a sailor decides how sensitive you want your Shogun to be.

We have made this yacht with two different rig and keel options. Your choice depends on the style of sailor you are and what you want to achieve on the water. If you are looking for thrill and exhilaration, the rig with runners and a square top mainsail with a 2.7 m draft keel is the setup that will give you ultimate performance. If you are a more into short-handed sailing or prefer relaxed cruising, then chose the rig with regular backstay and a pinhead mainsail for the shallower 2.4 m keel. Regardless which option you chose, both have a mainsail large enough to always have enough power to help you leave other yachts in your wake.

The Shogun 43 is as flexible as you want it to be.

Let’s go Doublehanded

The exterior layout of the Shogun 43 is designed to be enjoyed by all kind of sailors, from keen racers to relaxed cruising yachtsmen – and especially if you are both. The unique addition of dual winches on the cabin top simplifies doublehanded sailing. Multiple onboard features are designed to remove the need for a crew the size of a football team normally required to set a kite.

Are you wondering how to use both winch handles at the same time? You don’t. The pit winches are electric. Use the organisers to efficiently manage the halyards and control lines from either side of the cockpit.
The standard jib tracks are placed on the coachroof to achieve an optimal trim angle and a good sail profile, even when not using the inhaulers. You can choose to have a second pair of tracks, conventionally placed down on the side deck, with floating inhaulers to maximise trim range. Alternatively, you can forgo the tracks on the coachroof and just have the ones on the side deck. It is also possible to add padeyes on the deck for genoa or outboard trim functions.

All About the Atmosphere

While performance is at the heart of the Shogun 43, style and comfort reign below deck. The whole interior has a wood veneer finish, and the floor is made in a customisable, synthetic fibre. The yacht comes with thick, comfortable cushions clad in a luxurious fabric in the colour of your choice. Every area below deck has multiple design options, allowing you to tailor the yacht entirely to your aesthetic preferences.

Underneath the wood veneer, the interior is built in using a flax fibre laminate sandwich construction with a divinycell core. The structural part of the interior is made in a similar way, but with carbon laminate, as it is stronger. Both laminates have the same low weight, but the flax resonates a more dampened sound when you touch it, creating a more relaxed atmosphere inside the yacht.

Specifically for the Shogun, we utilised new solutions to make the fine interior lightweight. Details, like the construction method of the of the corners, making them neither rounded nor straight – but rather like the vertices of a hexagon, cut the weight nearly in half compared to other cruising yachts. They are signature Shogun.

The layout has three double berth cabins, one in the bow and two aft. and has the salon table placed forward in the centre, with the mast situated aft of the table. Three large and aligned skylights are located above the table, allowing the sky to enter the salon. Two couches, with large portlights behind them, stretch along on both sides of the salon. The L-shaped galley is located to port, opposite the spacious heads to starboard.

Progressive Technology

The Shogun 43’s hull, deck, rig, rudders, and the structural elements of the interior are made entirely from carbon. Even the keel blade is made in carbon to maximise leverage, as the majority of the weight is then transferred to the bulb, giving the yacht better righting moment.

The fusion of the hull and deck is done differently. Instead of placing the deck onto the hull and fusing them at the shear line, the Shoguns hull sides fuses by the inside of the deck by the cabin house. This why Shogun can have such a smooth and rounded shearline.

When the hull and deck are laminated as one unit it ensures a stiffer structure. The bottom structure is then laminated in after the hull sides are fused.

The cabin top and stern are laminated in individual forms and later fused with the hull. With this stiffer overall structure, the bulkheads become less significant. Allowing the Shogun 43 to have a divided bulkhead structure forward with three aligned skylights. This is the reason the yacht has an open interior that creates a spacious feel.

All the carbon laminates are vacuum infused with epoxy and are created in collaboration with our partners and composite experts Vaxholm Komposit, Marstrom Composite and Linjett Yachts.

2023 Shogun Yachts 43 ‘GODSPEED’ for sale – Asking Euro 950,000 ex VAT – full details here

Do you have a yacht like this to sell? Grabau International are always looking for new high-quality cruising, racing and motor yacht listings internationally. For further information about our tailored brokerage services, please look here or feel free to contact us.

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