New Listing – Vismara Buzzi V60 Open


Grabau International is delighted to announce the listing of the 1996/7 Vismara Buzzi V60 Open ‘JUNOPLANO’. 

Quite possibly the most innovative and ground-breaking yacht ever to be launched. Employing much of the design and technology now regarded as cutting edge, but 20yrs ahead of her time. A totally unique opportunity.


A narrow Open 60’ would not slam and bang as a wider boat in heavy seas and would therefore be less likely to suffer structural damage”

da Bruce Kirby “The battle between speed and stability” – SAIL Magazine, May 1997

JUNOPLANO – originally designed and owned by Sandro Buzzi- is a very innovating project among the high-speed ocean yachts.

The result of a 3 years engineering process and strict cooperation between Alberto Calderon –principal designer of Stars & Stripes, San Diego- and Sandro Buzzi who contributed his 30 years offshore navigations experience and his engineer’s mentality and approach.

Both for her project and construction JUNOPLANO was at the time of her build the most high-tech cruiser-racer afloat. The one who presents practical solutions to the basic sailing topics:
• Flat boat at any wind angle
• Soft passage through choppy sea by narrow hull and least pitching moment
• Superb pointing ability and minimized leeway by twin-foils “collective” control
• The highest LPS (limit of positive stabilty) at 170°. Self righting boat.
• More drive and less sailing moment by rotating mast and sail-vector

Her innovation moved in 3 distinct directions:
1. Hydrodynamic plan i.e. appendages
2. Hull
3. Aerodynamic plan i.e. mast and sailplan

In number of 3, all movable. The central one (ballast) cants 55° both sides (like a pendulum). This was the highest cant angle ever built still with minimum obstacle in the living interior. The front and rear foils are rotating on a vertical axis. Such system is today patented by Dyna-Yachts, San Diego and represents the final version of the CBTF (Canting Ballast Twin Foils) concept performed by Calderon the 1st time at AC’87-Freemantle on Tom Blackhaller USA 12 m.

It’s conceived for definitely separating the two standard yet controversary functions of a keel i.e righting moment and lift. In the CBTF design the Canting Ballast is devoted to control Righting Moment only, whereas the Foils are generating the necessary Lift. They also eliminate the phisical need of Leeway because they rotate by themselves as opposed to rotate the complete hull for achieving the necessary angle of attack at the keel.The hull remain on course and doesn’t shift laterally. It sounds magic but it works pretty well.
The twin foils rotate counter-phase for controlling direction and tacking and in-phase (collective) for upwind work. Such double control has been achieved by a simple and clever arrangement.

Perhaps for the 1st time in a monohull design there was no search of “hull form stability”. Stability is almost entirely appointed to the canting ballast. The result are hull lines designed for pure speed, very low wetted surface and unusually high lwl/bwl ratio in the range of 7. This actually makes JUNOPLANO a “monomaran”, showing a different hull resistance curve and a fairly constant speed with limited up and downs.
A “no-chainplate” wing shaped mast -rotating on full 360° arc- therefore inserted in a carbon strongly reinforced deck, was the 1st case to find on an offshore racer. The weight is similar to the usual 60 footer rig yet the centre of gravity lies 5 m. lower. The full batten roached main consist of a very flat 3% draft sail that taking advantage of the mast rotation gets the desired ca.10% draft from the combined mast+sail layout. The calculated thrust increase -due to sail vector rotation towards heading direction- approaches 25% and related righting moment reduction is around 10%. Thus it’s been possible to reduce 10% the sailplan for cruising purposes.

Structural design was carried out by Giovanni Belgrano at SP System, the most experienced group in offshore racing structures. Construction of hull and appendages were carried out by Speedwave, Germany, a yard highly specialized in carbon constructions, models and special CNC developments. The canting ballast design and calculation came from S.Buzzi and G.Valentini strict cooperation. The complete keel system is based on forged (no one single welding) PH-17 steel. The hydraulic single piston, developed by Cariboni, has 100 Tons of push-pull force which does not impact the hull structure. The rotating wing mast design was proposed and constructed by Thierry Petitjean and calculated by Hervé Devaux. The two foils are real masterpieces: built by Speedwave in solid carbon at very high aspect-ratio of 9, achieve 5mm tip deflection only at 7 tonn.charge. corresponding to 30 knots boat speed.

Numerous problems were solved by such highly technical approach applied to a demanding boat like a 60 footer with 15 Ton/meter righting moment.

The intriguing, future oriented JUNOPLANO project resulted in a “safe and fast boat” which is currently used both for offshore racing as well for cruising a large family. The derived experience can be certainly used for future goals.

The interiors are light and basic, but suitable for cruising and long sailing trips: 10 berths, 2 heads, fully-equipped galley. The deck has two large cockpits, one for relaxing in, without any rig, and an operative one with simple bar rudder.

Vismara Buzzi V60 Open – Junoplano – Euro 150,000 VAT paid – preliminary details here

Do you have a yacht like this to sell? Grabau International are always looking for new high quality cruising yacht listings both in the UK and internationally. For further information about our tailored brokerage services, please look here or feel free to contact us.

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