Price Reduction – 1896 29m Converted Icebreaker


Historically significant steel icebreaker, originally launched in 1896 and now converted for use as a luxury houseboat.


Throughout her lifetime, ZEUS OF STOCKHOLM has seen several transformations and ownership changes, each leaving its mark on the historic vessel. From being converted into a dedicated tugboat to being salvaged and rebuilt as a tanker, the ZEUS OF STOCKHOLM has proven her adaptability and resilience.

In recent years, the ZEUS OF STOCKHOLM has been refitted, modernised and repurposed as a private pleasure ship for short and long trips. The vessel offers a blend of historical charm and contemporary amenities, making it a unique and captivating option for maritime enthusiasts or those seeking a distinctive and luxurious cruising experience.

With her steel hull, respectable tonnage, and reliable Volvo Penta engine, ZEUS OF STOCKHOLM also presents a reliable and seaworthy vessel. Her cruising speed ensures a comfortable journey, while her well-maintained condition reflects the care and attention given to its preservation. Boasting a length of 28.9 meters and a width of 5.4 meters, the ZEUS OF STOCKHOLM offers ample space for onboard activities and entertainment. Her past adaptations, such as the conversion of bunkers into cabins and common areas, contribute to its versatility, making her suitable for hosting conferences, providing accommodation as a hotel, or serving as a private retreat.

ZEUS OF STOCKHOLM holds a unique place in maritime history and promises an extraordinary maritime experience. Whether used for private leisure or potential commercial ventures, this vessel offers a blend of elegance, functionality, and a captivating backstory that is sure to leave a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to embark on her decks.

• 1896 – Built as a combined icebreaker, cargo ship, and tugboat for Lilla Edets Pappersbruks AB.
• 1916 – Sold to Säfveåns AB, Gothenburg.
• 1932 – Acquired by Maskinaffären Generator, Gothenburg, and converted to a tugboat.
• 1933 – Sold to Carl Albert Leopold Johansson, Gothenburg.
• 1935 – January: Sold to Lidköpings Bogserings AB, Lidköping.
• 1950 – February 19: Stranded on the left harbor pier in Lidköping due to ice and subsequently sank.
• 1950 – Salvaged by Oskar Jonsson, Kållandsö, and rebuilt into a tanker with a new motor in 1951.
• 1960 – August: Sold to Rederi AB Fri/Curt Nycander, Strömstad. Renamed M/T NYCAN.
• 1966 – August: Sold to John Christensen, Donsö. Renamed TANKOS in 1968.
• 1973 – Sold to Rolf Lennart Bergeld, Hönö. Likely engine replacement with a Volvo Penta TMD100A 220 kW/300 hp, diesel.
• 1977 – Transferred to Fiskebäcks Bunkrings AB, Fiskebäckskil.
• 1983 – Purchased by Stellan Lundin and Scandinavian Seacharter in Arvika. Converted to charter vessel CONATUS with cabin and common areas.
• 1984 onwards: Used as a hostel during the winter months in Arvika, also available for conferences with a capacity of up to 50 people.
• 2001: Sold to Miniversum Seacharter HB, Stockholm.
• 2007: New owner Benny Sundström, Conatus Charter and Dyk AB.
• 2009, April: Acquired by Kummelnäs Varv AB, Nacka, after a fire.
• 2017: Purchased by Alvia and Alexander Bergman. Fully refitted and merged the common areas and bridge.
• 2020: Sold to new private owner Lova Bannister.
• 2021: Renamed ZEUS STOCKHOLM and continued renovation and modernisation.
• 2023: Serviced in dock June 2023

1896 29m Converted Icebreaker ‘ZEUS STOCKHOLM’ for sale – Now asking Euro 525,000 EU VAT paid – full details here

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