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“Vismara Marine Spa is a world leader company in design and production of made to measure yachts in advanced materials. The company is focused in providing efficiently engineered solutions in terms of both yachts and associated services for clients all around the world.

Since the early beginnings in 1984, Vismara’s history has been marked by the continuing objective to innovate, without ever resting on their laurels.

This is a route mapped out by their designer and company founder, Alessandro Vismara, a naval architect with an education in Applied Hydrodynamics and Performance Prediction from Southampton. On returning to Italy, Alessandro’s roots start with Perini Navi and fortified in 1990 through an association with Baltic Yachts of Finland, for which Vismara is still the reference point when it comes to conceptualisation and assistance in the Mediterranean and across Europe.

Through more than 30 years of skillful professionalism spent putting heart and soul into building, designing and fine tuning vessels, Alessandro and his team in Viareggio’s success can be measured through their results – In excess of 150 boats customised or built entirely to measure, 300+ boats altered or renovated. and over 600 satisfied boat owning customers.

The Vismara Marine facility is located in the heart of the heart of yachting industries in Viareggio, Italy. Near the Arcipelago Toscano islands of Capraia, Isola d’Elba and others.

Providing 2,000 square metres of covered area, 300 of which serves as office space and 1000 as the dock work area, the operational headquarters brings all of its staff and activities together in one big “house”.

Bringing together design and construction but above all, giving customers the peace of mind that someone is following them and their craft throughout the course of its lifetime, meaning they can enjoy an immediate relationship with all of the people working on it.

An oven for baking craft up to 30 metres in length, ultra-modern extraction systems, painting, vacuum lamination, moving and other processes are all at state-of-the-art levels for the modern boatyard.”

Current Vismara Marine Custom Projects

Vismara MY34 Weekender

“A latest-generation motor yacht, born from an idea by Vismara Marine and the pencil of Giuliano Galeazzi, architect and designer, in collaboration with Erik Bio as regards the external lines and the interiors and Carlos Mezzera for the structures and the hull.

A unique boat of its kind, inspired by car design and with a decidedly innovative layout, very spacious both inside and out, but nevertheless it has managed to homologate it as a vessel under 10m. It is built almost entirely in carbon, covered in teak, very light and fast on the water, with the possibility of reaching 40 knots. Aft are installed two 200/300 HP tilting outboard motors each, in a lateral position, almost hidden.

The wheelhouse is located amidships with the large console consisting of a touch display and the steering wheel inspired by racing cars, integrating various functions in the grips; there is also a joystick to facilitate mooring manoeuvres and two seats protected by a fairing. Aft, behind the wheelhouse there are two lateral chaise longues and a large central sundeck that can be turned into a hydromassage pool, to enjoy the pleasure of diving in the water while out of season or on the lakes. The helmsman’s seat houses a refrigerated bar and two pull-out tables. On the deck, there is the possibility of having a T-top to shade the cockpit.

The interiors are characterized by a glazed surface that runs along the whole boat and allows a continuous 180 ° view, making the interiors very bright, and from two separate entrances to starboard and to the left, which allow to obtain discreet privacy in the areas owner and guests.

The layout includes two double beds, one towards the stern and the other towards the bow, to divide them a bathroom with shower; at the extreme bow there is a half-moon sofa facing aft to look at the bed where, on the headboard, a large LCD-TV is affixed. A single corridor runs around the two beds and the bathroom and joins the two entrances aft and starboard to the stern; on this side there is also a mini kitchen / coffee area and fridge / wine cellar. The interior design recalls, in a futuristic vision, the belly of a whale, with the structures of the exposed floorboards and the spaces devoid of bulkheads that favor the empty spaces with respect to the full ones, and that have a modular furniture placed along the sides, with shutters sliding instead of the classic doors. Lighting is integrated into the structure of the floorboards and creates a decidedly unique nocturnal effect, scanned by the various rings / floorboards in sequence.”

Preliminary details of the Vismara MY34 Weekender can be found on our website here

Vismara NAB 999

“A project created by the Vismara team with the collaboration of the architect Massimo Sabatini and the designer Antonio Cataldi as regards the internal lines and built by NABYS, a brand new construction site created specifically to develop the new “wood and ecological composite” technology where new “solid” design systems with control cutting and “Yacht System” assembly.

10 meters long, the boat is made entirely of wood with carbon reinforcements to make it more robust. Under the hull there is a fixed keel with a draft of 1.85 m, suitable for navigation in places with little draft but thanks to the particular geometry it guarantees high stability. The mast, as well as the boom, is in aluminium and is deck-stepped. All the sail-handling duties are carried out from the cockpit via four winches installed ahead of the twin helm wheels.

Below decks, you find yourself in front of a completely new subdivision of the spaces: starting from the stern, behind the entrance staircase there are two identical cabins with double bed and own wardrobe. Next we find the bathroom on the right with a large separate shower in front of it. Immediately aft there is the kitchen, tilting gas burners, oven, tabletop and fridge on the right, on the opposite side the sink. A perfectly symmetrical division that creates a large “loft” enhanced by the absence of the mast, achieved by supporting the spar and associated loads through a substantial carbon deckhead beam. In the extreme bow is the dinette: two large sofas resting along the sides to form an inverted V with a large dining table. The engine is positioned under the entrance staircase. All the interiors are painted white and the furniture covered in wood, this makes the environment warm and welcoming; very bright and airy thanks to the hatches on the deck and the windows along the deckhouse and on the hull that allow you to look outside even while sitting comfortably on the sofa.”

Preliminary details of the Vismara NAB 999 can be found on our website here

Vismara V41 SKM

“A project created by the Vismara team in collaboration with the architect Massimo Sabatini.12.50 m long, this boat is built with light and innovative materials such as wood (red cedar), and linen; while the deck is in cedar and marine plywood covered in linen cloth impregnated with ecological epoxy resin.

Under the hull there is a fixed keel with a draft of 2.7 m with high straightening, in order to allow better sailing upwind.
The mast, as well as the boom, is made of aluminum and the sail plan is very backward with a “square” mainsail.

All the manoeuvres are carried back to the stern on the six winches positioned four in front and two behind the double wheelhouse, immediately striking the symmetrical structural layout.

Going down inside we find ourselves in the dinette consisting of the kitchen to its left, with tilting gas burners and large fridge; on the right a large dining table and elle sofa resting on the side of the boat with the chart table immediately next to it. Continuing towards the bow you come across a large master cabin with double wardrobe; returning towards the stern instead, on the left of the entrance staircase there is a large bathroom with shower and another smaller one in front; in the far stern there are two twin cabins with double beds and wardrobes.

On the boat there is an electric motor located under the entrance ladder powered by lithium batteries and a small “Range Extender” generator. On the deck, on the deckhouse, solar panels are installed that can generate battery maintenance energy.

Its interiors, small but welcoming, are very bright and airy thanks to the windows that all go around the deckhouse allowing you to look out at 360 degrees, and to the drums on the deck. There are also windows on the hull that allow you to look outside while comfortably sitting on the sofa or in the cabin.”

Preliminary details of the Vismara V41 SKM can be found on our website here

Vismara V56

“18 m long, and designed in collaboration with her experienced owner, the new V56 incorporates the lines of the Vismara 56 “TWIN” and evolves taking up the style of the V62 ‘YORU’.

The hull is built completely in carbon and painted in metallic gray; the deck is in teak. The keel, fixed, under the hull has a draft of 2.80m; guaranteeing great stability and a light and soft motion through the sea. The mast and boom are carbon with sail handling carried out in the cockpit via four winches positioned in front of the wheelhouse to make navigation even easier when short-handed, with all halyards and control lines led beneath deck to leave uncluttered deck spaces across the flush-deck profile. The drop-transom provides access to a tender garage designed for a 2.80m dinghy.

Below decks there is a very spacious saloon, with a sofa to starboard and another L-shaped sofa with large dining table to port. The fully-fitted galley is positioned aft to port with a twin bed guest cabin and ensuite heads with shower to starboard. Going forward is the master cabin with twin beds, double wardrobes and a larger ensuite heads with separate shower. Ahead of this ensuite bed lies the crew cabin, complete with its own wardrobe and heads, separated from the rest of the boat and entrance accessible from a second entrance at the bow from the deck and from the owner’s cabin with a watertight door. All the interiors are covered in wood and are very bright thanks to the large hull and deckhouse windows that allow you to see outside even while sitting comfortably on the sofa.”

Preliminary details of the Vismara V56 can be found on our website here

Vismara V63 XR

“The project stems from the Vismara experience and the fusion of three special Vismara boats, trying to recall the particular characteristics of each: the V56-Mills “Twin” hull, deck, interiors and concept of the V52 “Dragon”, and the sliding glass above the deckhouse and the large side windows of the V80 “Luce Guida”.

The hull and the deck are made of cedar wood and carbon, made to make the boat as light as possible, while maintaining the charm and warmth of exposed wood. The salient features of the boat are the cockpit and the interiors that are on the same level, with no stairs to descend; a solution that makes life on board easier and “spacious” by tying the interior with the exterior. This arrangement, together with large windows on the deckhouse sides and in the cabins that give great brightness to the environment, allows you to look at the outside at 360 °, and to sail and live indoors “immersed” in the light of the sea. The glass along the deckhouse at the front is completely sliding from bow to stern allowing, in this way, the air to enter the internal environment and to enjoy the open-top cabrio boat on the dinette.

Continuing towards the bow we find the sleeping area: two twin guest cabins, each with its own private bathroom with shower. Further on there is the master cabin with separate beds, also with private bathroom. The crew cabin is located aft, behind the dinette with bed on the left and bathroom on the right with a washing machine. The wheelhouse is located at the stern in a raised position, and the height relative to the deckhouse allows better visibility to the outside with a view of the sails not obstructed by the structure of the boat.

The mast, in carbon, rests on the deck to make the most of the interior spaces; and has a boma park avenue with switch track. All the maneuvers are reported as stern below deck on the two winches installed behind the rudders for comfortable navigations even in reduced crew. At the stern of the boat there is a large door that can be opened, inside which it is possible to store the tender of well 2.80 m, the Sup, the Seabob and the electric Foiling Surf, and it also has the function of a swimming platform when is in the harbor. The deck is made entirely of teak with two large sunbathing cushions positioned both aft and forward.”

Preliminary details of the Vismara V63 XR can be found on our website here

Vismara V72

“The new V72 of Vismara Marine is born from the collaboration with Paolo Giordano Yacht Design. 22 meters long, it is entirely made of carbon. The external design of the new Vismara Marine project is characterized by the long and streamlined deck-house, a stylistic element that also distinguishes the older sister, the V100.  The mast, as well as the boom that houses the furling mainsail, is in carbon and is placed on the deck, a solution with a door to make the most of the interior spaces. The maneuvers are all sent back to the stern under the edge of the deck, up to two electric winches positioned just behind the double wheelhouse.

On deck the large cockpit with double table and as many “L” benches stands out, as well as two large sundecks. Aft the electric opening hatch when in the harbour becomes a beach area a few centimetres from the sea, behind it the garage can accommodate a 3.20m tender. On the sides of the transom, the gangway and the swimming ladder are electrically operated, as are all the systems for assisting maneuvers on the sails. But propulsion is also. To push the boat in the absence of wind is in fact a  fully electric motor, assisted by a “range extender”, also the propulsion of the V72 is also equipped with a “regenerative” system when sailing. The keel is retractable and allows to reduce the draft from 4m to 2.5m.

Going down to the lower deck you enter the dinette with a relaxation area, with a double sofa and a small table, which faces the dining area. To the right of the entrance staircase there is the kitchen, consisting of tilting gas burners, dishwasher, fridge and a second smaller mini-bar. The owner’s suite is at the extreme bow while in the center of the boat there are two other cabins, one double and one with separate beds. All three have a dedicated bathroom.”

Preliminary details of the Vismara V72 can be found on our website here

Vismara V80

“A collaboration between four minds, and conceived for an experienced owner, this very special new model in the Vismara line packs the very latest innovation and technology into her 26 metre length. Carbon is used throughout from her carbon sandwich hull and teak-laid deck, through to her interior and rig. Beneath the waterline, she benefits from the Vismara-trademark retractable performance keel, allowing draft to be reduced from 4m to just 2.50m for navigation in shallow waters and access to marinas. Sail handling is taken care of by a bank of six winches, positioned aft of the helm positions, four of which are electric. A coffee grinder can be added for regatta sailing.

Below decks, her layout is optimised for hull shape with a large full-beam saloon with double L-shaped sofas. Going forward, twin guest cabins are positoned either side of a central corridor which leads to the master cabin suite. Aft of the saloon is the galley, day heads, utility cabin, crew cabin, and a further double cabin with ensuite. Thanks to her generous beam aft, her broad transom opens to give access to a tender garage designed for a 3m tender.

The overall style of the new Vismara V80 is one of minimalism and clean flush lines externally with a warm interior of oak and clean white painted bulkheads below decks.”

Preliminary details of the Vismara V80 can be found on our website here

Please contact Grabau International for more information about building your dream custom project with Vismara.

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