Vismara V52DS – Barche Magazine Review

Barche International Yachting Magazine have tested the Vismara V52DS Prêt-à-Porter for their April 2016 issue.

“VISMARA V50 PRET-À-PORTER IS A BOAT WHICH DISMANTLES PREJUDICES. Just go on board to understand. We went on board at Punta Ala and as soon as we sat in the cockpit and hoisted the sails, we understood! Our reaction was “but why did no one think about this before?””

“The easy sealing prevails, but the real one, which makes the life on board easier. The cutting-edge split-level cockpit allows the guests to enjoy the cruise and the helmsman to sail safely.”

“It’s difficult thinking of interiors more customizable than these. You can choose from among 11 different layouts with two or three cabins and double or bunk berths. As is the Vismara tradition, furnishings are built in.”

“Thanks to the twin engines able to cancel the propeller evolutionary effect it’s easy to sail in both sail and power mode.”

“The amazing thing is the noise. The sound level meter in the midship cabins, i.e. those closest to the propulsion devices, recorded very low values, all around 50 decibels. It almost seems to be on board an electric car”

The V50 Dragon that we tested is designed for bow thrusters, but it was not installed, and is actually not required. We returned to the port with 18 knots of wind on the beam and the two engines made maneuvers much more easier. It is difficult to imagine the many solutions sought to make sail boat maneuvers easier.”

Read the full report here or on the Vismara V52DS Page.

Vismara V50 Pret a Porter beating to windward

The Vismara V52DS Prêt-à-Porter is available from Euro 750,000 +VAT complete and ready to sail away from the dock (Easy Sailing Version). Please contact us for further information.

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