Vismara V52DS – Maneuvering without a bowthruster


Perhaps the most unique highlight of the Vismara V52DS Prêt-à-Porter is the twin engine configuration. Adopting two outboard-positioned engines affords the V52DS many advantages including:

  • Redundancy – The V52DS is just as happy cruising under one or both engines.
  • Stability – Operating both engines can help to counter reduce rolling motion in a heavy sea due to the rotational effect of the propellers.
  • Comfort – Siting the engines forward and outboard of the rudder reduces disturbance over the rudder blade resulting in improved helm feel and less vibration.
  • Access – Both engines are very easily accessible from the cockpit.
  • Performance – Twin engines offer potential for double figure speeds.
  • Manoeuvrability – The V52DS can turn on the spot using engines alone.
  • Efficiency – Twin engines allow specification of smaller units performing more efficiently under load.
  • Cost – Smaller engines cost less to maintain whilst alternating engine usage can also reduce hours run and associated service costs.

he Vismara V52DS Prêt-à-Porter is available from Euro 750,000 +VAT complete and ready to sail away from the dock (Easy Sailing Version). Please contact us for further information.

Grabau International & Vismara Marine

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