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Rizzardi Yachts Mission

Our mission is to satisfy the demands of our Clients, the owners of unique yachts, recognized and recognizable for their beauty, performance and high level of customization. Our vision is to carry on our journey with passion and professionalism, continuing to be a reference point for the sailing world, every day nourishing the passion that drives us to achieve increasingly ambitious results.

The Rizzardi Yachts story began more than 40 years ago thanks to the passion of a man, a family and a company which today is famous all over the world.

A love for the sea, an obsession with research and perfection, attention to the latest trends and the most innovative styles have allowed the Rizzardi family to launch over 500 boats that still sail the seas today thanks to the skill and passion of the men who designed and built them, and the owners who so strongly desired them.

Day after day design and production systems are renewed in step with the evolution that occurs with the passage of time. However the tradition of the absolute values that led to the creation of the Rizzardi world remain firm and rooted and are handed down from generation to generation.

Rizzardi Yachts History

The term mass production has never entered the vocabulary of the Rizzardi family, neither today or in the past. Yacht owners are not Clients but rather partners with whom we develop a project, listening to their requests, interpreting them and offering solutions regarding the layout, the choice of materials and finishes, thus creating regular unique, tailored works, because no Rizzardi is the same as another.

For us quality is not a characteristic but a philosophy shared by everyone who works in our company, from the design to the production. It is thanks to this vision that we can guarantee our Clients the maximum standards. The company’s desire to realize yachts with absolute qualitative standards is successfully supported by qualified personnel, specialized artisans and technologically advanced design and production systems.

Custom Made 100% Italian Yachts


The trust that our Clients have placed in us over the decades is confirmation that the experience acquired in over 40 years and hundreds of launches is a guarantee of the quality of our services.

Rizzardi or Posillipo owners are offered a free check-up when the yacht arrives in the shipyard and a certificate of reliability is issued upon delivery of the boat.


The Service division is able, with efficiency and professionalism, to carry out all the necessary certifications and structural refittings of any nature and, thanks to the close working relationship between the Service division personnel and the Yacht division that is responsible for the production lines, it is possible to guarantee assured and prompt results.

For refitting work carried out on the request of the owner which changes the principal features of the yacht, the support of the Rizzardi Style Center is available or possibly external designers.


A team dedicated exclusively to the winter storage of boats guarantees the care and supervision of boats up to 24 meters inside the Sabaudia shipyard. For boats of over 24 meters, we have facilities directly adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea.


Thanks to our own fleet of equipped vehicles we can reach craft located both within italy and abroad in the shortest possible time in order to carry out emergency and planned interventions.


Our technical office and administrative office are available to our clients to offer consultancy of a technical/design or administrative nature.

Spare Parts

We are able to rapidly obtain spare parts and accessories at low prices thanks to our fully stocked warehouse and network of sector suppliers.

Rizzardi Yachts Service & Refit

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